REVIEW#52: "Lola and the boy next door"

Hola a todos, antes de empezar con esta reseña quiero comentaros que esto va a ser una especie de prueba, ya que toda la reseña va a estar en inglés, quiero probar a hacer esto con los libros que lea en inglés, pero antes quiero saber qué tal me va con ello y por eso voy a subir esta entrada de prueba.
Hey everybody, before I start with this review I want to tell you that this post is going to be a kind of test, because I want to start doing reviews in english of the books that I read in this language, but before I make it constant I want to see your reaction, so this is my way of testing this new idea. Also I wanted to add that if you are a native english speaker you have to forgive me if I make mistakes, I´m not native, I´m learning.

TÍTULO: "Lola and the boy next door"
AUTOR: Stephanie Perkins
EDICIÓN: Soft cover.
¿TRILOGÍA O SAGA?: Yes, but you can read them separated without any problem.
PVP: 6.99 (pounds)
ISBN: 978140957994

"I have three simple wishes. The first is to attend the winter formal dressed like Marie Antoinette. The second is for my parents to approve of my boyfriend. And my third wish? To never ever see the Bell twins ever again. Ever.
Budding designer Lola Nolan doesn´t believe in fashion... she believes in costume. The more expensive the outfit - the more sparkly, more wild - the better. And life is pretty close to perfecto for Lola, especialy with her hot rocker boyfriend.
That, is until de Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighbourhood and unearth a past of hurt that Lola thought was long buried. So when talented inventor Cricket steps out from his twin sister´s shadow and back into Lola´s life, she must finally face up to a lifetime of  feelings for the boy next door.
Could the boy from Lola´s past be the love of her future"

After a being a long time hearing good reviews of this book and the style of the writter I finally decided to give it a go so I could make my own opinion of it, and I thin I read it in the perfect time, because I was just looking for something fresh and easy to read and this book was both of this things.
First of all, the principal character, Lola, is really different, in a good way, I mean, she is not like the rest of the girls we are used to read about in this kind of novels, and that surprised me, because I was expecting something usual and I found her, a creative character, a fashion addicted girl, a designer, with two dads, which is far from what we usually can find in romantic teenager love stories.
Then there is also the boy, who for me seems a little excentrical and that contributes to what I have just said about being different from conventional love stories. 
Also it is worth to mention that this book belongs to a trilogy, but it can be read separated from the rest, because the only thing you find in common between this one is that some of the characters mix from the first part which is "Anna and the french kiss" but appart from that the stories are independant of each other.
So to sum up a bit, if you are looking for something fresh, different and easy to read I recommend you to try this book, because you are going to love it.
"Just because something isn´t practical doesn´t mean it´s not worth creating. Sometimes beauty and real-life magic are enough".


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  2. Woooo
    La verdad es que soy mala con el ingles, me ha costado leer la reseña pero mira, me ha servido para practicar
    Me parece una iniciativa genial
    ¡Un beso!

  3. Wow, tu reseña de este libro en serio que me dejaron ganas de leerlo. Llegué aquí por la inciativa de Seamos Seguidores. Te espero en mi blog:


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